When you are planning an event for your personal life or business, there are a lot of factors and details to consider. It can be easy to miss a detail that won’t seem important until the day of your event. Knowing some key questions to ask can help alleviate stress and help you to prepare accordingly. I’ve listed a few below to help get your plans rolling!

What environment would best serve you?
What venues would best serve the objectives of your event or meeting? While in Calgary there is always the thought of where to park, it is prudent to consider travel routes at the time of the event, access for those with physical disabilities, and how you are going to interact with the attendees during the event.

Is there a need for outside catering or is there an on-site option?
Sometime there are restrictions associated with the venue, which need to be taken into consideration. Also, attendees’ dietary restrictions should be accommodated whenever possible. If you ask attendees when they register or RSVP, you can build a list that can be shared with your team.

Are there additional vendors needed for SWAG, staff, or audio visual components?
Is your event going to need a projector and screen or laptop connection? Maybe your venue does not provide a wireless internet connection or they require a notification in order for them to bring in extra staff.

What, if any, licenses or permits are required for the project?
This may be a task to procure a liquor license or more complicated as obtaining permits from the city council office. Either way, these could mean a big problem if not procured by the time of your event and posted publicly in your venue.

How will ticketing and attendance be processed?
Often this can be set up easily and quickly by using one of the myriad of tools available online to process ticketing and registering attendees. There are free/low cost options available to professionals and the general public. As well, there are more robust solutions available to event organizers.

These considerations are ideally taken into account whenever planning any event – even ones such as an annual general meeting, board meeting, marketing launch, corporate event, or awards program. As always, proper planning and preparation will work to ensure your success!

Stacey Perlin is an events freelancer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She combines a background in communications & marketing with 15+ years working in the film and television industry. Proficient with both online and offline tactics, she creates experiences that organically reflect her client’s story and culture. She is currently specializing in creating, executing, and managing corporate and special events. For more information, please see her profile on LinkedIn http://ca.linkedin.com/in/staceyperlin or her prezi via http://bit.ly/SmashingDahling.