Even Though It’s Snowing Outside It’s Good To Be Thinking About Fishing

I am the President and Lead Consultant for JRC Limited. For me, the focal points of developing an effective marketing strategy are listening to the needs and understanding the challenges faced by a business and its customers. Your marketing strategy must deliver the right information to the right people in the right way. Any errors in this alignment reduce the odds of success and your marketing spend becomes an expense as opposed to an investment in growth. We are always intent on understanding these connections first – then developing your strategy.

I also happen to be an avid fly fisherman, and see parallels between my professional philosophy and my approach to my main free-time passion. I apply the same belief in the importance of observing and learning before acting – both on the river and in helping our clients develop marketing strategy.

Understanding the environment is required to catch fish on a fly. Conditions on the river constantly change and the foods fish want to consume change based on availability, season, water temperature and weather. Your company also needs to adapt to changing market conditions and the changing and evolving needs of its customers. Effective communications strategies are based on insight into how your customers’ businesses are moving with the market.

Using my insight, experience and carefully developed understanding of client needs and market complexities, I has an exceptional track record in developing profitable strategies, marketing plans and growth initiatives. I’ve spent over 28 years in the agency world in Canada, the United States and Australia, working at a senior management level at national and international firms. This includes work with a wide variety of organizations on the development and execution of brand and marketing strategies, including Fortune 100 companies.

I love to discuss marketing strategy and, not surprisingly, fly fishing. And I’m a very good listener, so if you are interested in discussing marketing and brand strategy, or just want to talk about fishing the Bow River, I would welcome your call. Even if it’s late on a summer evening, when there might be a few big fish rising – I’ve always got my cell phone handy.